What’s included in our Cleaning Services

What’s included in our Cleaning Services from 714 Cleaning Services

By: 714 Cleaning Services  09/25/2015
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Bathroom Cleaning Cleaning a restroom is no easy task. It is an area that requires frequent attention, as it is one of the most likely places to have grime, mineral deposits, or get tile mildew. Because of that, the cleaning process, if it is done right, is time consuming and requires special care. But with so many things to do around the office, family obligations, and and special events, most people need someone to do the restroom cleaning for them. With 714 Cleaning Services, servicing Orange County and its vicinities, a professional cleaner can take care of that challenge for you. Give us a call today. Kitchen Cleaning The kitchen area is particularly important to keep hygienic. What goes in the kitchen goes inside our bodies. It is therefore a worthy investment for our health to ensure that the kitchen has meticulous, professional attention from an experienced cleaner. 714 Cleaning Services, servicing Orange County and its vicinities, wants you to have a safe, clean, and beautiful kitchen, and if you let us clean your kitchen, it can be that way before you know it. Dusting Dusting the house may be one of the most overlooked chores around, but with a simple swipe of the finger in a given section of a home’s interior, one can tell that the need for dusting still remains. Orange County deserves presentable, dust-free homes. Allergens and microbes are just some of the little villains that may be hidden in the dust. 714 Cleaning Services does not take dusting lightly. We make sure to dust not only in the noticeable areas of the home, but also under movable objects, behind picture frames, and in every crevice that may need dust removal. Once the job is done, the improvements to your home’s appearance will be noticeable, and you will be glad you that called us. Floor Sweeping Sweeping gets rid of not only the most apparent forms of rubbish, but it also clears the ground of the not-so-visible dust particles. Even a floor that looks relatively clean can render so much filth that one can be surprised at how much the dustpan had carried away. For that reason, it is a task that can’t be overlooked. Many homes in Orange County need help in this service, either because some homes are too big for one person to finish the task on a busy schedule, residents of the home may suffer from a disability, or because some homes require the attention and care that only a professional cleaner can provide. 714 Cleaning Services wants your floors swept and ready for guests and is more than happy to do the sweeping for you. Give us a call today. Living Room Cleaning The living room is not only the place where you go to relax and watch TV after a long day’s work, it is also the place where guests gather. In short, the condition of your living room reflects the way that people perceive you. For that reason, it is very important to have your living room organized and clean. 714 Cleaning Services, servicing Orange County and its vicinities, can make sure that your living room is organized, spacious, and presentable. Make sure that 714 Cleaning Services arrives before your guests arrive, and you will have a cleaned, aesthetically pleasing place for your guests to enjoy.

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