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How To Choose an Interior Designer Tuesday, July 07 2015 Choosing an interior designer can be a stressful decision. One's home is usually their largest investment and where most of the time is spent. We want our homes to be comfortable for us as well as to reflect the sort of style sensibility that makes us unique. How can you know that you're placing your trust in the right person? Eek! We've gathered some tips to help you make a decision on who to hire (hint: it's not always us). First, Determine your design style Do you fancy fresh white linens blowing in a breeze, or low-slung Italian leather sofas? Do you like crystal chandeliers ,or nickel plated pendants? Do you enjoy a formal dining area, or a more colorful and casual one? Take the time to do your research on what it is you enjoy before starting any remodeling or revamping project. Websites like and make this a breeze. Also, the old-fashioned cuttings from design magazines works great too. At edenLA Interiors, we actually make that a prerequisite to starting any work. It's that important. You have to know what you want before someone can help you achieve it.

Keywords: Interior Decorator, online interior design services

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