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Our top selling pure copper hammered cup with ring rain chain bundle brings together all of our successful and resourceful accessories to give you a comprehensive and effective system of handling all of your rain water and landscaping essentials. The hammer cup rain chain bundle consists of a four pieces and it was fashioned out of the overwhelming response to the popularity of the heavy gauge pure copper hammered cup ring rain chain. The classic design offered in a hammered impression is consistently present throughout the 15 cups rain chain which are assembled together with 14 links. The same consistency in hammering is also visible in the 3 foot hammered cup extension piece, as well as the 18” hammered anchoring basin. The standard length 8.5 foot rain chain contains 15 elegantly polished pure copper hammered cups in natural copper and when installed it functions as a gutter downspout and performs the function of transporting rain water through the entire length with minimal splashing. Attached with each rain chain is a copper triangular gutter clip for installation and we include installation instructions with all our rain chains. Our 3 foot copper hammered cup extension allows you to extend the length of your rain chain should you need a length longer than the standard 8 foot length and is easily done by hooking it on to your rain chain using the hook attached to the extension. The 18” pure copper hammered basin is a beautiful piece of art all on its own. It magnifies the quality of the copper used throughout the set, as noted by its lustrous surface and observable durability. The notable difference from other basins lies in its anchoring attribute since the last link of the rain chain anchors into the link attached to the basin. The copper basin comes with hardware built in to fasten down and secure your rain chain onto your basin. This clever feature prevents your rain chain from experiencing unnecessary damage brought on by high winds or severe rain storms. Its spacious perimeters make it possible to supplement it with river rocks, tea lights or other creative ideas to enhance your rain chain experience. And finally, the pure copper gutter adaptor piece makes it easier to facilitate the movement of water from your gutter down into the rain chain in a controlled method. It sits inside your gutter hole and taking the brass bolt, it is inserted inside the adaptor by removing the dome nuts first and sliding it inside the drilled holes of the adaptor. The nuts are then screwed and secured back, allowing you to suspend your rain chain down from the bolt. The pure copper hammered cup and ring rain chain bundle offers a matchless offer, top quality and superior value in savings not found anywhere else. With all pieces working interdependently of one another, it works in an orderly and efficient way to bring you maximum results.

Keywords: chains rain

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