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By: Cut and Curve Creations  02/05/2015

We believe that landscape professionals should play a key role in caring for the environment.  It may seem that landscaping in general is a “eco-friendly” process, but there are many products and techniques that you can use to make your landscape more environmentally friendly.  Therefore, we offer eco-friendly landscaping services to do our part to create a healthy, sustainable world.   Eco-Friendly Services we provide: Bio-Filters Design and Installation - created by planting native plants in a reservoir area where runoff is filtered out before entering streams and rivers Permeable Paver Design and Installation - present a solid surface, but still allow stormwater and pollutants to drain through the surface in a natural, ecological process.  Used for patios, walkways and driveways   Green Wall Design and Installation– construct retaining walls with plantable systems to stabilize they grade and add greenery and beauty Dry Wells – create gravel filled areas to manage gutter runoff that is filtered through ground water before entering streams and waterways Intelligent Irrigation/Low Volume Emitters/Drip Irrigation – irrigation control technologies to manage water flow and avoid over watering  Green Landscape Design – incorporate eco-friendly designs that include: native plants, smart irrigation, permeable pavers, drainage systems and an emphasis on energy reduction Use Native Plants – plants will require less water and maintenance Plants that Reduce Energy Costs – plant deciduous and evergreen trees and shrubs to cool in the summer and warm in the winter Vegetable and Herb Gardens – design and plant vegetable and herb

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