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By: Mark The Plumber  02/17/2015
Keywords: Septic System Repairs, Septic Problems, Septic Tank Service

Mark The Plumber has been providing excellent plumbing service to the city of Clovis for over two decades. We have been establishing ourselves in the community and producing professional results for all facets of plumbing services, repairs, and installations. Our speciality is septic systems and we are a comprehensive septic service provider. Each of our employees has years of experience and produces pro results every time. If you live in one of the more rural communities of Clovis then odds are you have a septic system as your home’s water based waste disposal unit. Just because your septic system is out of sight does not mean it should be out of mind. Septic tanks require more attention than a city sewer connections. Here is how a septic system work. Water waste, sometimes containing solids from your toilet and shower drains, flows into the inlet of the septic tank. In the first chamber of the septic tank bacteria and other various chemicals break down the organic solids in the waste water and separate them in phase. The heavier solids that get precipitated out sink to the bottom and are known as sludge, the heavier oil based particles float to the top and our known as the scum layer. The scum and sludge is what gets pumped out by a professional such as Mark The Plumber. A septic tank that is working well should have very little water left over in the sludge layer. Once sufficient separation of waste from water has occurred, the water can leave the holding chamber and be discharged through the leach field. The leach field is usually a series of perforated pipes that allows the waste water to slowly percolate through them and discharge into the soil. This waste water is known as grey water and carries rich organic material that can be beneficial to the soils. Without a healthy equilibrium in your tank, inadequate separation of waste from water will occur and your tank will fill up faster making the time between pumping more frequent. That is why it is important to keep your septic tank running smoothly. Mark The Plumber offers pumping starting at just $400.00 for most size residential tanks. We also offer chemical treat to increase the breakdown of waste in your tank and a hydro jetting service which can clean the interior of the septic tank making by removing debris and increasing the longevity of your tank. We are fully capable of handling any septic tank pumping, repair, or maintenance. However, if your tank is beyond repair, it may be time for a new septic tank to be installed. We can also handle every aspect of the installation and removal of the old tank and pipes. Mark The Plumber is a fully licensed, bonded, and insured company so you can rest assure that when you choose us to install your septic system that everything will be completed efficiently, professionally, and up to code. We are also fully equipped to handle the larger industrial and commercial septic tank repairs and septic tank installations. We have been providing plumbing solutions to Clovis for years and we will continue to establish lasting relationship with our customers based upon superior service and results. Our septic pumping are done quickly and we are available when you are for 24/7 emergency support if needed. Do not wait until an emergency septic pumping is needed. Call Mark The Plumber today to schedule an inspection or pumping for your home’s septic tank. Our friendly employees are standing by to answer any questions you may have or provide you with a free estimate.

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