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By: Scott's Septic Tank Pumping  04/08/2015
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Over the ages plumbing has gone a long way. Our plumbing situation in America is so on point that most people don’t even think about what happens when they flush the toilet or take a shower. The problem is, when you do have to think about plumbing issues it is often too late. Just because your plumbing system is out of sight do not leave it out of mind, this could result in a costly repair. If you are a homeowner then you either have a sewer system that is connected to the city sewer main or you have a septic tank that stores the waste until it can be pumped out by a professional such as Scott’s Septic Tank Pumping Clovis. If you have a sewer line, then you are lucky because they do not need to be pumped. Simply by keeping the sewer line relatively clean and free from obstruction your sewer line can transport water waste out of your home for years and years without incident or attention needed. Septic systems do not have this luxury. The water waste from your home’s plumbing systems all converge into a sewer pipe which leads into a septic holding tank. Once the waste enters this tank, chemicals and bacteria work to breakdown the waste and separate it from the water. The oil based particles rise to the top and stick together, they are known as scum. The heavier organic solid waste sinks the bottom where it accumulates, this is known as sludge. Water is left in the middle and should be as free from waste as possible. The sludge and scum layer is what gets pumped out by a professional such as Scott’s Septic Tank Pumping Clovis. Typically, a septic tank should be pumped every two to four years depending on the size of the tank and its use. Scott’s Septic Tank Pumping Clovis has over twenty years of experience in pumping septic tanks and is the best around. We own all of our own trucks and equipment so you are guaranteed a prompt and efficient septic tank pumping. To increase the time needed in between pumping you can do a few things. The first is make sure that there is adequate separation of the waste from the water. If this does not occur then water will build up in the sludge layer which will require frequent pumping. The other factor is to make sure that the leach field is working properly. The leach field is how the septic system gets rid of the excess water in the system. It is essentially a series of perforated pipes that allow the grey water to slowly drain into the ground. Often plumbers will fill this area with sand or gravel to aid in the dispersal of the water into the ground. It is important for your septic leach field to be working efficiently. If the soil and rock in the leach field becomes saturated with water, then the water will have no place to drain. When this occurs it can bring your whole septic system down to a screeching halt. If you do have a leach field that is marginal then it is important to limit the amount of water that gets dumped into the system at once. It may be wise to spread out using your washing machine, shower, and kitchen sink throughout the day to make sure there is enough time for the water to drain into the leach field. Remember that Scott’s Septic Tank Pumping Clovis has plenty of experience in dealing with every septic, sewer, and drainage concern that you have. Just give us a call to receive some free information or an estimate.

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