Memorial Balloon release, send loved ones ashes off to the heavens

Memorial Balloon release, send loved ones ashes off to the heavens from Eternal Ascent Ca

By: Eternal Ascent Ca  03/29/2016
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We know the loss of a loved one is never easy. We believe a lifetime of love deserves nothing but the best. The Eternal Ascent Society was founded to help those suffering from a loss of a loved one, offering closure and farewells in a more memorable way. For families that have chosen cremation it's a fitting farewell. One of the most unique, thought provoking and caring services ever offered. Our patented process symbolizes "going home" as your loved ones, on their final voyage, are sent off on a flight to the heavens. Ash scattering is illegal in most places.Leaving loved ones final wishes unobtainable. Our patented process is legal anywhere.Now, cremated remains can be safely and securely scattered among the four winds. You can now send your loved ones of to the heavens from their truly favorite place that they treasured most in this world.The sky is limit and we are here to help you achieve final wishes!! THE PROCESS: We place the cremated remains inside a giant (5 foot) balloon and inflate it. The balloon is then safely transported to a site chosen by the family. We welcome you to be creative and we will do our best to honor your wishes. Our method is carefully monitored and environmentally safe!! The balloon is then released by the family where it then ascents to approximately five miles in to the atmosphere. Under normal conditions the balloon can be viewed by the naked eye till about 2 miles.This allows about 5 to 10 minutes of viewing time. As the balloon reaches the upper atmosphere it enters temperatures of about forty below zero. At approximately five miles the balloon freezes, crystallizes, and then fractures, disbursing the ashes to the heavens on a final flight to the four winds.It's a remarkable final vyage that leaves a lasting impression on everyone in attendance. This is a beautiful closure for the family.They can always look up and see a cloud or a rainbow and remember their loved one.Also have peace their loved one was able to be scattered over their favorite place and they were sent "home." This service replaces the traditional funeral services, and we will work hand and hand with you to have a beautiful memorial for your loved one.Are packages include pictures and video of the services as well as a photoficate.Many find our services cost efficient compared to a traditional funeral. Eternal Ascent Society, share a memory that will last a lifetime.It's a fitting farewell!!

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