Covina Real Estate and Who is the Best Realtor in Covina with Covina Real Estate

Covina Real Estate and Who is the Best Realtor in Covina with Covina Real Estate from Royal Homes and Loans

By: Royal Homes and Loans  04/06/2014
Keywords: covina real estate, Covina Realtors, Real Estate Covina, Make Your Offer Stand Out from the Rest Currently, the real estate competition is fierce with limited inventory. With most homes for sale having multiple offers, it is of utmost importance to put your best foot forward when submitting an offer and make sure you give it your absolute best. Here are some strategies to jump through the hurdles to get your offer chosen! 1. Give it your best shot. When submitting an offer on a house that you really like, do not ask for closing costs and submit your highest bid from the start. Be aware there may be 20-40 offers on the property you are interested in. When you ask the seller to pay for closing costs, this brings down the amount of net proceeds the seller will acquire. With all cash offers at an all time high, be as competitive as you possibly can be. 2. Eliminate the competition. A fixer-upper is less likely to have as many offers as a completely remodeled and staged home, which is great if you want to eliminate some competition. Of course the fact that the price on a fixer-upper is likely to not be as high as a turnkey home doesn’t hurt, either. Furthermore, if you are in the position to entertain a seller whose home is contingent upon them selecting a replacement home, this could again cut out some competitors. 3. Work on getting your credit scores up before you are ready to buy. When sellers review offers, not only do they consider the numeric amount that you are willing to pay for the property, but they are also looking at your whole package as a buyer. This includes your FICO scores and how much money you have in savings. Be sure to have a professional review your credit scores and let you know if there is any way to improve them. This process takes time, so make sure you plan accordingly. 4. Work on having a nice set of reserves. Skip the Starbucks and visualize yourself in your new home! Bring your lunch to work instead of going out to eat. Look at your expenses and see where you can cut back. Sell those items that are just collecting dust and turn them into extra cash. The more reserves you can show when submitting an offer, the more serious the seller will consider you to be. 5. Make sure your lender is trustworthy. There are oodles of lenders available in this market, and it is very important to know that you can trust your lender to perform. Ask your friends and family members of who they recommend as a lender or who they have had success with in the past. You want to use a mortgage loan professional who has completed a transaction successfully and someone who delivers what he or she says they are going to. 6. Keep a positive attitude. It may take a while for you to get an offer accepted. The key is to not give up, and do not get discouraged when an offer is rejected. If you keep trying, you will eventually get a great house that you will call your home! Ok, now go out there and give it your best shot!

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