Auto Inspection

Keywords: Car Repair and Maintenance

Auto Inspection Most states require that all motor vehicles are regularly inspected, but booking annual safety inspections is a great idea regardless of whether or not you legally need to. A thorough safety inspection will give you all the details about how every part of your vehicle is functioning. Here at Gardunos Auto Repair Inc., we are certified safety inspectors, and we will provide you with a detailed inspection that will report on the health of each part of your vehicle. We will also list any repairs that are necessary, as well as systems you may need to keep an eye on or repair in the future. A thorough auto inspection is also very useful when you are considering purchasing a used car. Knowing all the details of any work that may need to be done on a vehicle may influence your decision to purchase it, and will put you in a stronger bargaining position. For an auto inspection appointment in the El Monte area, call Gardunos Auto Repair Inc. today!

Keywords: Car Repair and Maintenance

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Batery Replacement

Car Battery Replacement At Gardunos Auto Repair, we understand each and every needs of client. We do battery replacement for all models of cars. We also provide battery checking for free to clients who come in our firm. We are dedicated to do better replacement at a place; this will curb emergence that might have left you hopeless. You will never go through the same if you have us at your disposal. At Gardunos Auto Repair is the leading firm that offers best car batteries. We deal

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Radiator Repair

Radiator Repair Should your car radiate clog, corrode, wear, tear and leak leading to its malfunction, Gardunos Auto Repair has the experts to rectify this anomaly. At Gardunos Auto Repair, we have auto repair mechanics that will; test your radiator, check thermostat, test pressure, and perform leak test, power flush, test engine fans and visual inspection to get the solution of your radiator. The mechanics will ten fix the problem after a keen evaluation. As it is a habit, most cu

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Auto Suspension At Gardunos Auto Repair, we have a team of experienced technicians who will do the auto suspension for your car or truck at any time. In addition, you are able to do all scopes of auto suspension. You just have to drive in at our firm or make a call to us and our experts will respond to you. Auto suspensions is enhanced by our utility of state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment that enables our mechanics easily discover the problem caused in a car and they fixes it as


Transmission Repair

Transmission Repair Transmission is one of our maintenance services offered to customers by Gardunos Auto Repair. Gardunos Auto Repair specialized in transmission fluid, check, repair am replacement. In fact, Gardunos Auto Repair experts command varied skills in automobile repair and maintenance; changing of the transmission fluid is done faster as if it is engine oil due to the specialized training and utility of state-of-art diagnostic equipment that that completes each repair quick

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Timing Belt

Timing Belt Replacement Timing belt replacement ought to be changed after every 60, 0000 miles. Failure of timing belt can cause bent valves. We have been ever changing timing belt for several cars. Should your timing belt fail, just inform us and we shall do it with some professionalism. At Gardunos Auto Repair, timing belt is replaced in a professional manner to clients. Majority of customers who do timing replace testify that we offer it in a different


Check Engine light

Check Engine Light The automotive technicians at Gardunos Auto Repair is always there to assist you check your car system and diagnose any problem in your car and fix it. Should you notice a light signal, consider making consultations from Gardunos Auto Repair experts. You should not wonder how smaller big it is, get our experts to explain what it is. Our experts will repair or replace your car engine ranging from trucks to small cars. Engines are not just replaced anyhow. Engine

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Air conditioning service

AC Service Air conditioning system is a vital component in your car. During summer, the day temperatures are high hence it is important to have this vital system functional in your car. In case your car has a malfunctioning AC system; Gardunos Auto Repair is the immediate solution to for AC services. Gardunos Auto Repair exceptionally different with quality guaranteed when comes to matters concerning AC services. Gardunos Auto Repair has a team of experts who work diligently to fix

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Brake Repair

Brake Repair Brakes are an essential component on a car. If there are no brakes there will be trouble with your vehicle. At Gardunos Auto Repair, we have preserved experts to deal with brake system repair that gives you the best of the service for your vehicle. We deal with braking systems for both manual and automatic geared cars. Just com and experience how it is done and you will confess that indeed we have the prowess in automobile repair. At Gardunos Auto Repair, repairing bra

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tune up

Tune Up Service We are dedicated to procure all the necessary services acquired by client and which may be varied. In this quest, tune up service is also an area of our focus within our firm. We provide several competitive tunes up services. At Gardunos Auto Repair, you will get extra several checking and replacement of fuel filters, spark plugs, ignition, serpentine belt, air filters, distributor gap adjustment, battery service and change of PVC valves. These services are offered


Oil Change

Dealership Quality without the Dealership Prices Gardunos Auto Repair Inc. has provided car-owners in El Monte and the surrounding areas with all of their auto repair, maintenance, and diagnostic needs for many years. Our quick turnaround time, attention to detail, and ability to work on a wide variety of different makes and models, both new and old, foreign and domestic has earned us a reliable reputation amongst drivers in the El Monte area. When it comes to your car, no job is too big