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By: Dr. David Bainer, DDS: The Smile Gallery  01/29/2016
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Reasons People Get Dentures: Complete dentures are generally necessary when you’ve lost all of your teeth in an arch. Partial dentures may be required when you’ve lost several teeth in an arch. Dentures might also be the right choice if you’ve lost teeth and are having trouble chewing, speaking and digesting. Dentures can also provide aesthetic improvements by enhancing and filling out your smile. This has the added benefit of supporting your facial tissue as well. There are a number of reasons you may opt for dentures. But if you’re still wondering what’s involved with getting dentures, the next section should answer all of your questions. What’s the Procedure For Getting Dentures? The procedure for getting dentures is actually quite straightforward. While getting your dentures tailored to your mouth will take a number of appointments over a course of a few weeks, here’s exactly what you should expect. First, your dentist will make highly accurate moulds (impressions) of your teeth, as well as measurements. These are taken so that your dentures can be created to custom fit your mouth. Next you can expect to attend a couple of “try-in” appointments. These are important because you want to ensure your dentures have the perfect shape, color and fit. In the final appointment, your dentist will adjust and place your dentures in a very precise manner. This will ensure a comfortable and natural fit. And there you have it. Once your dentures are installed you might notice a few changes. You might find that you have a bit more saliva flow than usual, some tenderness and maybe even some difficulty in speaking and chewing. But don’t worry, these sensations are completely natural and you can expect them to subside as the muscles and tissues of your mouth adjust to these new teeth. You’ll be happy to learn that your dentures are very durable, and will last you a very long time. While they may need some adjustments or repairs from time to time, you should be able to use your dentures for years to come. Of course once your dentures are installed your dentist will provide you with careful instructions so you can maximize their life through proper care and attention. If you’re contemplating getting dentures in Escondido, why not come in for a consultation? You can just call the number at the top of this page and we’ll be happy to book you for an appointment to determine what kind of dentures will be the best fit for you.

Keywords: Cosmetic Dentists, Dentures, Escondido Dentist, general dentist, Restorative Dentistry

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