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By: Dr. David Bainer, DDS: The Smile Gallery  01/29/2016
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When Do You Need a Root Canal? The tooth pulp is the living material inside the tooth. If your decay is starting to advance into this part of your tooth you will probably want to consider having a root canal. If you feel an infection or abscess inside your tooth, or at the tip of the root, you may need a root canal to treat the tooth and remove the infection. Sometimes if one of your teeth has experienced trauma it may become infected. In this case you might also need a root canal to promptly address the infection. Once you or your dentist have detected an infection inside the tooth, keep reading to learn what you should expect when receiving root canal therapy What Does Root Canal Treatment Involve? Root canal treatments may be done in one appointment, or may require a couple of visits to your dentist, depending on the severity of the decay. In most cases your root canal can be performed by your regular dentist, although specialized endodontists may also be required in some cases. During the root canal, your tooth and the surrounding area is first numbed. Then a sheet of rubber (known as a dam) is carefully situated around the tooth to ensure your tooth stays dry and free of saliva. This is important because your saliva contains bacteria that must be kept out of your open tooth. Next, special dental instruments are used to open the top of the tooth, creating the access gap. This is the hole through which your dentist will remove the decay, and any other loose bits of filling or fragile portions of the tooth. Your dentist uses the access gap to place root canal files into the pulp chamber and removes the infection, decay and nerve tissue. Once the tooth has been cleaned out, it will be sealed with a temporary or permanent filling (depending if more cleaning is required or not). In most cases, you’ll go home and return to the dentist about a week later. At this point the roots and the cavity in your tooth will be filled with special dental materials that are designed to help your tooth heal. Then you will get a filling to seal your tooth for good. Finally, root canals should always be capped with a crown. This last step is necessary to protect the filling from breaking. It also allows you to regain full function and use of your tooth. Although your tooth may remain sensitive after your root canal treatment, you can expect this to subside in a few days. After you receive a root canal, good dental home care is as important as ever. When cared for properly you can prevent further infection and greatly extend the life of your root canal. If you have any questions about whether or not you need a root canal in Escondido, you’re encouraged to call to book an appointment.

Keywords: Dental Clinic, Dental Work, Escondido Dentist, Root Canal

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