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By: Dr. David Bainer, DDS: The Smile Gallery  01/29/2016
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Getting your teeth whitened by your dentist is quite straightforward. And the results are sure to outshine the over-the-counter products that you often see advertised on TV. First, you need to get a mould of your mouth made. This is an easy process that ensures maximum results for your investment in whitening. Since whitening only works on the enamel of teeth, these impressions let your dentist make custom plastic trays that fit perfectly to your bite. Once the trays are complete, you’ll come in to the dentist again to see how they fit, and to deal with any necessary adjustments. From there, you are set to get whitening. You simply fill your custom trays with a special whitening solution and then pop them in your mouth. Whitening works best when you wear the trays overnight, or twice a day for 30 minutes. Usually you’ll want to follow these steps for a few weeks. But your specific instructions will depend on the level of staining. You might experience a little bit of tooth sensitivity during the time you’re whitening, but it should quickly subside once you’re finished. Additionally, while whitening works quickly, it isn’t permanent. So you may need some touch-ups every couple of years. We recommend you keep coming to your regular dental checkups to get the most of your newly-whitened smile and ensure the rest of your mouth remains healthy too. If you think teeth whitening might be the right option for you, you’re encouraged to contact our office using the number at the top of this page. We’ll be happy to book your appointment for your teeth whitening in Escondido and get you started on the road to a whiter smile.

Keywords: Dentist, Escondido Dentist, Teeth Whitening

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