Starz Tipz Air Water Syringe Tips

Starz Tipz Air Water Syringe Tips from Starz Tipz

By: Starz Tipz  04/19/2016
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Starz Tipz is the world’s leading disposable air water syringe tips manufacturer. We produce our air water syringe tips in Southern California, USA using only FDA-Approved virgin plastic. For over 10 years, Starz Tipz has provided dentists, orthodontists, and hygienists from around the world with a top-tier product. Starz Tipz has been accepted as the air water syringe tip category leader for it’s proven design, superior performance, and better hygiene. With over 40 air water syringe adapters available, Starz Tipz can be used on any dental air water syringe. A combination of advanced manufacturing and quality control ensures that a dentist, orthodontist, and hygienist use the most reliable air water syringe tips possible. Our air water syringe tips can also be bent into multiple shapes to help a dentist or orthodontist get a perfect angle for their surgical needs. Starz Tipz comes in six gemstone colors that will excite any dentist, orthodontist, or hygienist. Most of our dentists, orthodontists, and hygienists order the Starz Prizm Paks, an assortment of all six gemstone colors. However, many have their favorites and ask only for those special colors. It's not just us talking - our dentists, orthodontists, hygienists and assistants are our best sales people! They rave about the quality, the colors, and most important, they affirm what we say. When you make the conversion to Starz Tipz, you will be using the world’s most trusted air water syringe tips in dentistry!

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