Drug Rehab in Orange County

By: StepHouse Recovery  10/22/2015
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What is Drug Rehabilitation? Drug rehabilitation, which is more commonly known as drug rehab or simply rehab, stands for the activities of medical and/or psycho-therapeutic treatment for dependency on psychoactive substances. These substances, such as alcohol, prescription drugs, and street drugs such as cocaine, heroin or amphetamines can lead to life threatening dependency. StepHouse Recovery in Orange County has one goal: to enable the person to stop addiction and substance abuse, in order to avoid the psychological, legal, financial, social, and physical consequences that could be caused. As a premier drug rehabilitation center in Orange County, StepHouse Recovery offers client-centered treatments steeped in both behavioral and clinical practices.

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Relapse Prevention

Stabilization comes from detox from alcohol and drug addiction, recuperation from associated stress, resolution of interpersonal and situational crises threatening sobriety and establishment of daily structure such as proper diet, exercise, stress management and regular contact with treatment personnel and self help groups.



Unlike many other sober living homes whereby the individual is left off to fend for themselves, StepHouse Recovery is here to assist each of our clients with their individual needs. This may include rides to the airport, their doctors, to pick-up prescriptions, attend AA meetings, to their therapist, and to the gym. All of our facilities we have a van available to provide transportation services for our clients.



This preparation often involves several meetings, telephone calls, and culminates in a practice session immediately prior to the Intervention Day. This often causes lack of creativity and productivity, poor decisions, deteriorating public relations or expensive mistakes. Sometimes a great deal of family education takes place before the intervention, in others it takes place afterward.


Detox & Detoxification

Other drugs like heroin, alcohol, and many prescription medications like barbiturates and benzodiazepines create not only a psychological, but a serious physical dependence, requiring medical detoxification. The physical dependence is one of the main motivations for alcoholics and drug addicts to continue using, as it is what causes the painful and often dangerous physical symptoms at cessation.


Finding The Right Treatment Center

Although detoxification generally has a blanket approach, utilizing similar techniques for varying kinds of detoxification, the level and quality of care does vary and it something to seriously consider when deciding on the right detoxification facility. If you are in need of drug rehab services, please explore our site at StepHouse Recovery, fill our confidential on-line alcohol and drug assessment and by all means call us at.



Can’t wait to be back for meetings, thanx to Matt and George for helping me get a 2nd chance, I’ll reach someone else and give back to the program. Not only that they have all the tools, insight, that help you fight your addiction and find sobriety, you don’t have to do this alone. I just got home today and miss the wonderful staff, beautiful grounds and perfect food.


Alcohol & Drug Transitional Living

I was one more drink away from death and entered a quiet, shy, emotional cripple and left vibrant, full of life and hopes for the future. I got my one year chip at The Newport Club along with two of my friends and it was like getting an Oscar. I entered StepHouse Recovery as sick and tired of being sick and tired as anyone could be. Now I have my sobriety back andI thank God everyday that I went to StepHouse Recovery.