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By: Active Allergy Associates  06/30/2015
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Allergy Relief, Allergy Immunotherapy, Asthma Relief Sublingual Immunotherapy There are numerous advantages of sublingual immunotherapy: Main Advantage: No Needles! No Injections! No Shots! Much less risk of systemic anaphylactic reaction, so that sublingual immunotherapy can be administered at home. Time Savings: Treatment is administered once a day at home in a matter of minutes, eliminating the need for travel and wait time in the doctor's office, and the mandatory 30 minute post injection observation period that is required after allergy injections. For patients living a great distance from the office or for patients who travel frequently, sublingual immunotherapy offers the only way they can get immunotherapy. For working people (including full time moms) with very busy schedules, for children who cannot miss school or sports, for professionals who cannot miss work , and for anyone who just does not have the time to go sit in the office every week, this is the solution.

Keywords: allergist

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