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By: Darren's Sewer Repair  01/27/2015
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Hello people of Fresno, it’s Darren’s Sewer Repair with another helpful plumbing related blog post. This entry will be all about repiping: when it’s needed, why you might need it done, what options are available for a repipe, and what processes are involved. So lets begin with the repipe education. In older homes, the service lines typically where galvanized pipe. The only problem with galvanized pipe is that over time the zinc can break down, causing rust and other minerals to build up in the line causing a significant decrease in pressure. Typically, new service lines from the cities street connection, or your well, will normally use copper. Once a the water service line makes it to your home, then you have the option to change up materials if you like. Copper, type L or K, is usually the standard, however, c.p.v.c. and aqua pex can also be used. C.p.v.c works adequately and is significantly cheaper than copper, but I feel like the fittings are not as strong and it won’t last as long. It is like traditional p.v.c pipe but it is a more hardy material and glue is used to assemble the fittings. Aqua pex is a malleable plastic like piping material that is less expensive than copper, it also works very well for colder climates. It works great for some applications because it can bend around obstacles and assembling the fittings is much easier than sweating copper together. It is also safer than sweating copper because a plumber doesn’t have to use a high heat source to solder the materials together. Depending on the needs of the customer and what options are available it’s really up to you. Normally, we like to do copper repiping because of how durable the material is, and if its done correctly, it can last for a substantial amount of time. Fortunately, Darren’s Sewer Repair are experts in installing or repairing any home water service line, no matter what material you choose. We have all the necessary licenses, insurance, and bonds to ensure a worry free experience when dealing with Darren’s Sewer Repair. We don’t stop at residential plumbing applications either, we can also tackle those larger repiping projects for various commercial and industrial applications. So people of Fresno, if you are sick of water pressure that is not up to par, then call Darren’s Sewer Repair. One of our friendly team member will gladly answer any of your plumbing related inquires or provide you with an estimate on what a repiping or service call will actually cost you. We want our customers to be in the loop and make an informed decision regarding their home’s plumbing system.

Keywords: copper repipe, repipe, Septic, Sewer

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