Domestic Violence

By: Law Office of Rebecca M. Medina  07/30/2015
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Attorney Rebecca Medina can represent you in obtaining or defending yourself from a domestic violence restraining order. A domestic violence restraining order is a court order that helps protect people from abuse. Abuse means to hit, kick, throw things, pull hair, push, follow, harass, sexually assault, or threaten to do any of these things. Abuse can be a spoken or written threat to hurt you or those around you. Abuse has one purpose- to control you and maintain that control. Entering into divorce or child custody proceedings when domestic violence is involved requires the assistance of a capable family law attorney regardless of whether you are the victim or the accused. Domestic violence has the potential to unravel your life and without effective legal counsel can make it exceedingly difficult to move forward to a brighter future. Contact Rebecca today to minimize any further adverse impacts that domestic violence can have on your situation. Have You Been Accused of Domestic Violence? Being accused of domestic violence in the midst of a separation or a divorce can make your case exponentially more difficult. There will be significant challenges you must overcome in order to maintain a relationship with your children in addition to also potentially incurring criminal charges. With so much at stake, it is absolutely critical that you obtain effective legal representation. Are You a Victim of Domestic Violence? If your partner has been abusive it is critical that you first remove yourself and any children from the situation immediately. An experienced domestic violence attorney can assist you in obtaining a domestic violence restraining order in order to prevent further abuse from occurring. Each case of domestic violence is different and there are many considerations that must be made in order to protect your rights to child custody, financial support, property, and attorneys’ fees. Ms. Medina can discuss the options you have available to you and direct you to your best course of action.

Keywords: Divorce Attorney, Divorce Lawyers, Family Law Attorneys, Family Lawyer

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