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By: Pro Plumber Fresno  02/16/2015
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Hello everyone, it is PRO Plumber Fresno coming at you with another informative blog post for your reading pleasure. This post will focus primarily on your home’s sewer and waste line. If you live in a densely populated area of Fresno then you most likely have a sewer waste line that is hooked up to the cities sewage main. Maintaining a sewer line is a lot less hassle than a septic system which needs to be pumped and inspected periodically. However, the average homeowner is not completely void of responsibility because there are problems that can arise with sewer lines. Things such as tree roots, waste line decay, and seismic activity can damage your sewer pipes causing them to burst and leak. Once a sewer line begins to leak to problem will get progressively worse if it is left neglected, plus once water begins to leak out tree and other vegetation roots will be drawn to that water and cause further damage to your sewer line. It is a good idea to have your sewer pipes inspected from time to time by a professional such as PRO Plumber Fresno. We have a camera that can go deep into your sewer lines and locate a leak or any other damage to the pipe. Another problem that arises especially with older sewer lines is corrosion. Older homes may have galvanized pipes which can corrode causing a decrease in flow, or they might have clay or tar pipes which are dated materials that most likely are overdue for replacement. Regardless of the material that your sewer pipe are made of, the pros at PRO Plumber Fresno can effectively handle any sewer line repair no matter what material is used. Most of the time if you have older material is may be wise to just replace the entire line with newer material that is hardier and will last longer such as ABS or cast iron than try and replace segments of dilapidated sewer lines. A simple inspection of your sewer line can determine if your sewer pipe needs to be replaced or can be repaired. Regardless, PRO Plumber Fresno has got you covered. We are fully licensed, bonded, and insured so we are well equipped to handle any sewer repair or installation. Rest assure that every job we produce will be constructed up to county code and hold up to the most stringent of criticism. If you simply need a service or inspection of your line we do that as well. We offer hydro jetting, chemical treatment, and rooter snaking. Hydro jetting is useful to knock away build up debris or corrosion in your sewer pipe with the use of highly pressurize water instead of chemical solvent. Chemical treatments have their use too. They are good for remove basic organic build or and can dissolve though some solid debris build as well. The most common sewer drain remediation technique is the rooter snake, a thick that vigorously contorts to physically remove clogged up debris. Our service call for unclogging sewer lines are inexpensive and we can also inspect the pipes while we are there to ensure there is no further damage to your sewer pipes. We also offer 24/7 emergency support to all citizens of Fresno. So you can count on PRO Plumber Fresno to provide solutions for all of your plumbing problems. Residential, commercial, and industrial plumbing, sewer, and septic: we do it all, and we have over two decades of experience doing so. Call us today to speak with a friendly representative and to receive a free estimate for your next sewer repair, sewer service, or sewer line construction and installation.

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