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By: Pro Septic Fresno  02/23/2015
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Hello people of the internet and the residents of Fresno. It’s your friendly neighborhood plumbing service provider PRO Septic Fresno with another helpful article. This article will pertain to septic systems: how they work, how to maintain them, and how to get the most out of your new system. So prepare to be educated. If you live in one of the more rural communities of Fresno, then you most likely have a septic tank, rather than a municipal sewer connection. Septic systems work great and taking care of them is relatively straight forward. The key to not neglect the system and keep with a routine maintenance and pumping schedule. How a septic tank works is relatively simple. Water based waste from your home flows from your plumbing fixtures and collects into your septic holding tank. In the septic holding tank is where the magic happens. Biological bacterial entities and other chemical solvents break down the waste that enter your septic holding tank into two different phases. The solid phase of heavier than water solids sinks to the bottom of the tank where it accumulates, this is known as sludge. The oil and grease bases particles rise to the top of the tank, these are known as the scum layer. Both the scum layer and the sludge layer need to be periodically removed by a professional such as PRO Septic Fresno. The water is suppose to be a free of solids and other waste as much as possible. When sufficient phase separation has occurred, the water, at this point known as grey water, can exit the septic holding tank and enter the leach field. The leach field is essentially a series of perforated pipes that allows the grey water to slowly percolate into the ground. This water is safe for the soil, and even has some beneficial fertilization properties to it as long as the septic tank is doing its job by completing the phase separation adequately. If your septic tank is working properly it should be able to go up to three years without needing to being pumped typically. The time in between septic tank pumping depends on several factors. The first factor is the size and amount of use of your system. The second factors is how well your septic tank is separating the water from the waste it is carrying. It is important to realize that your septic tank is working hard even when it is not in use. So maintaining a healthy equilibrium of inlet and effluent water is essential to increasing the amount of time in between pumping. Typically a well run system needs to be pumped every two to three years. PRO Septic Fresno offers fast and effective septic tank pumping starting at just $400.00 for all residents of Fresno, and we can also handle the larger industrial and commercial sized tanks as well. Chemical treatment and routine inspections of your tank can increase the longevity of your tank and also increase the time needed in between pumping. If your tank needs to be pumped too often, then it may need a chemical treatment or there may be something fundamentally wrong with your tank. If there is a problem that cannot be repaired with your tank then it may be time for a new septic system. Fortunately, PRO Septic Fresno is well equipped to handle every aspect of the septic tank installation, from removing the old unit to installing the new tank and leach field. We have all of the pertinent licenses, insurance, and bonds to insure that the job gets constructed up to code and stands up to even the most rigorous of inspection. When you choose PRO Septic Fresno to handle your next septic tank installation you are going with a seasoned veteran that has over twenty years of plumbing experience under their belt. We have all of the needed heavy equipment to handle the largest industrial, commercial, and agricultural septic system applications that you can throw at us. Rest assure and trust in our professionalism. Call today to receive a free estimate on a septic tank installation or to schedule a septic tank pumping or inspection.

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