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By: The Blakesters Madness - Avisae  04/02/2014
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balance™ Optimal Hydration, Health and Vitality Formula Prime hydration, peak health and increasing your body’s vitality is more accessible now than ever. OptimALL Nutrition balance™ is an all-natural, organic mineral supplement that balances your body’s pH through mineralization. balance™ promotes increased hydration, mineral consumption as well as nutrient and phytonutrient absorption. Key Benefits balance™ Your Hydration A healthy pH balancing preserves the integrity of our digestive enzymes, allowing our bodies to assimilate and absorb essential nutrients from our food.* balance™ Your Health balance™ delivers more than 70 vital trace minerals which increases energy and metabolism, reduces joint pain, improves immune functions and decreases chances of heart disease.* balance™ Your Vitality Balancing your pH levels and delivering essential minerals directly to your cells helps your body dramatically reduce internal stress levels. It strengthens the brain, strengthens the heart and efficiently controls insulin levels.*

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