Dental Assistant job interviews what to wear

Dental Assistant job interviews what to wear from

By:  06/08/2014
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What to wear or not wear during an interview increase your chances of getting the Job. Dental Assistant job interviews what to wear before you meet the employer or office manager. What to wear: Attire: think professional, business attire is best, it makes you look professional. Wear solid colors (No Busy Prints). Hair: Clean and nicely styled, ultra conservative. Make-Up: Very conservative, day-wear. Shoes: make sure to clean any scuff marks off the back of the shoes or dirt marks off light color shoes. Your shoes need to match what you’re wearing. Jewelry: simple earrings and necklace. Nails: Nicely manicured, clean nails. Nylons: If you’re interviewing in a dress, you must wear nylons, no bare legs. What NOT to wear during an Interview Do NOT Smoke just before your interview Do NOT Dress overly provocative; low tops or short dresses Do NOT wear open toe shoes NEVER interview with visible body piercings, tongue, nose etc. Do NOT Text on your cell phone during an interview Do Not take any Calls on your cell phone during an interview Tattoos: Cover any visible tattoos NO CHIPPED nail polish Do NOT chew gum during an interview Do NOT bring kids into an Interview Hair dye Loud and bright colored blues, greens, orange (never). Perfume: Do NOT wear perfume on your interview. You risk the employer being allergic or that he/she won’t like the smell. Perfume can also trigger negative associations to past events. For example; if an ex-spouse is suing the employer for every penny and you are wearing the same perfume, the employer will associate you with that ex-spouse.

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