electronic product development

By: PAG Electronics  10/30/2014
Keywords: Precision Machining, Printed Circuit, Printed Circuit Boards

Our scope of activities include: - Electronic Feasability study - Electronic Industrial Product Design - Mechanical Engineering for Electronic and IT items - Hardware Engineering for Electronic and IT items - Firmware Engineering for Electronic and IT items - Software Application engineering for Electronic and IT items - Rapid Prototyping for Electronic and IT items - Tooling Manufacturing (Plastic injection, Stamping) in China - Electronic Product Testing & Certification - Electronic parts and components Procurement - Vendor Coordination - Quality Control - Final Assembly - Packaging - Warehousing and Logistic Industry we deal with: - Consummer Electronics - Industrial / Manufacturing / Logistics / Mining - security - Automotive / Transport - Telecommunication - IT - Toys - Advertisement and Media - Healthcare and Sport - Lighting - Power management - Sound and video Technologies we usually deal with : - Microcontroler / Microprocessor (Van Newman, Harvard, 8051, etc..) - Soc (MIPS, ARM, X86) - Flash / Mass storage - Wireless modules (NFC, Zigbee, Ant, RF, UWB, Bluetooth, Wifi, GSM, 3G, etc...) - Positioning modules (GPS, IR UWB, etc..) - Sensor (Temperature, Accelerometer, Gyroscop, Alcohol, Humidity, etc...) - Batteries - Mechanical (brushless, servo, actuator, etc..)

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