FSMA To Clarify Sanitary Transportation Rule

By: Adamant Valves  04/03/2014
Keywords: Ball Valves, Sanitary Fittings, Sanitary Valves

The Sanitary Transportation Rule requires shippers, carriers and receivers within U.S. who transport food via motor or rail vehicles to be responsible for the prevention of contamination of foods during transportation. Foods transported from U.S to other country are not covered by this rule.

Shellfish are usually transported and served edible live and raw. Failure to maintain the required temperature for preserving the shellfish that boosts bacteria to grow rapidly is usually the reason of mostly reported illnesses caused by raw shellfish intake. Foods requiring temperature control for safety purposes are included in the rule. Thus, since shellfish are both live animals and foods that require temperature maintenance, it gives confusion where do these really belong when considering the rule.

Michael Osterling, executive director of the Shellfish Growers of Virginia, during U.S Food and Drug Administration’s public meeting, March 20, requested the agency to clarify the rule’s content that will not specifically exempt shellfish.

Don Kraemer, senior advisor to FDA’s Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition (CFSAN), acknowledged that the office was not able to consider such case as they have only counted on “hoofed” animals when they formulated the regulation.

This rule is a vital piece of food handling process. Despite foodborne illnesses are not commonly caused by contamination during transportation, it is important to avoid unsanitary handling that might cause illnesses.

This Sanitary Transportation regulation is the seventh rule and the final one released by FSMA. Food and Drug Administration conducts public meetings regarding the rule and opens a comment period until May 31.

Keywords: Ball Valves, Sanitary Fittings, Sanitary Valves

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