How Packaging has Grown over the Years

By: Adamant Valves  04/23/2014
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Packaging of food items still continues to evolve but it did not start from plastics or glass. Like any other evolution story packaging has evolved greatly from tree bark and woven reeds to what is currently on the market.

In the olden days food was eaten as soon as it was found so there was no need for containers. Things changed and items needed to be carried. Packaging was any of the natural materials that were available including gourds and shells. Animal parts like skins, tree bark, reeds and even hollowed logs were used to hold items a little later.

Fur was plaited and weaved to form fabric that was used for wrapping items and made into bags as well Weaving progressed to grass and reed baskets were developed for food storage of any extra food. Metal ores were discovered and that began the use of metals.

Paper can be considered the oldest form of flexible packaging. It started as treated tree bark being used in Ancient China. The production of paper was first by use of flax fiber and then linen rags. Paper from wood pulp was first made in 1867. Sacks were initially glued together until sewing was discovered. Cartons were made by accident in the 1870s by Robert Gair.

Metals were used to make valuable items until plating was discovered. Tin-plating then became normal and led to the creation of tin cans in 1810. They started off with air holes at the top and the designs progressed to current cans that can be resealed.

Glass came about as a branch of pottery in 700 BC. Egypt made it an industrialized process in 1500 BC using soda, silica, sand and limestone that were molten together and shaped immediately while still hot. Molds for cups and bowls came around 1200 BC and the Phoenicians invented the blowpipe in 300 BC to increase production speed and the making of circular items.

The making of glass has not changed much over the years. A few developments like clear glass and different markings on the glass have been added with time. It remains as packaging for high-value items and various other uses.

Plastic is the most common packaging but the most recent. It was first discovered in the 19th century and was mainly used by the military. It started as styrene, foam, vinyl chloride, cellophane, polyethylene film wraps and Polyethylene Terephthalate (PETE) bottles for beverages. Current are recycled and recyclable and more reuse methods are being researched.

Trademarks came about as a result of unscrupulous merchants packaging poor quality items and selling them. Honest merchants that were not pleased chose to mark their products so as to let the consumers know that they had the good items.

Packaging has changed over the years due to different discoveries. As time goes by future packages will change for one development milestone or the other.

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Keywords: Ball Valves, Butterfly Valves, Sanitary Valves

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