The Journey of Packaging Material

By: Adamant Valves  04/27/2014
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In the olden days containers were not needed at all. People eat, where they find the eatables. They were self-sufficient and in most cases produce everything what they need or use. If in any way people need the same they use shells, gourds, and leaves for the purpose. Afterwards, containers came into the use and were designed for the natural materials like woven grasses, hollowed logs as well as animal organs.

Cloth bags are used to carry the things. Those bags are made of the prehistoric fabric with knitting and weaving cloth, along with fur and felt matted. However to store food substances generally they were using baskets made by the weaving process with grasses and later reeds. Containers of metals and pottery were developed after the discovery of ores and compounds.

Let us discuss about Paper packing first. The paper packaging bag otherwise known as flexible packaging is oldest fashion of wrapping the things. Hence, these first papers were fairly different from those used in today’s era. The olden paper was made from the material like flax fibers as well as linen rags.

Paper and paperboard packaging are in demand today as paper and its related products tended to fade in use. It has an eco-friendly effect. It has the benefit of environmentally friendly aspect as can be decomposed very easily, unlike the plastic packaging material, which otherwise can be hazardous for the green environment. The first commercial paper bag was designed in England (1844 in Bristol).

Then, the glass-making technique first began in 7000 B.C. in Egypt. Since the early discovery, no changes have been found in the mixing process and ingredients, however the molding procedure has improved dramatically. These were in abundant supply, as all ingredients were readily available and cheap. Packaging in glass tended to be kept for high value products. It is a sort of rigid packaging.

The ancient boxes and cups, which was made from gold and silver, were cost much for common use. That is the reason why packaging of other stronger alloys and metal were developed. It ensures a safe preservation of foods.

Although discovered in the 19th century, but plastic is considered as most recent packaging materials. For outer wrappings, cellophanes and transparent films have been discovered that maintain their shape when folded. Now such type of films can be made, colored, opaque and emboPackaging changes with containers and the things that it contains. A variety of factors contributed to this growth of packaging facet. The aspects like the needs and concerns of people, shifting lifestyles, competition in the marketplace and the discoveries and inventions contribute a lot to the journey.ssed with designs.

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Keywords: Sanitary Ball Valves, Sanitary Valves

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