Biocompatibility Testing For Medical Devices in California

By: Biocomptesting  06/15/2015
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California is the land of innovation. It has a reputation for being the birthplace of many innovative ideas and companies. Therefore, it is not a surprise that is also home to many biocompatibility testing laboratories and companies.

One such company is Biocomptesting, which prides itself in being fully dedicated to biocompatibility testing for medical devices. That is a tall order, considering that, like many other professions, the medical world is very diverse and specialized in and of itself.

Because the world of medicine has advanced and diversified so much, Biocomptesting ensures that its staff is fully up-to-date with the latest information about their specific field.

Companies such as Biocomptesting ( are pivotal in the realm of because all medical device manufacturers need FDA 510 biocompatibility testing for pre-market certification.

Biocompatibility testing for FDA approval is required by ISO 1093 biocompatibility rules. ISO 10993 biocompatibility testing ensures that medical device biocompatibility requirements are met.

The FDA insistence on biocompatibility testing is not just a bureaucratic requirement. It could have lasting public health hazards for the public if not abided by. It is easy to see why. Every time one goes to a general practitioner or specialist doctor, or a lab, or a dentist, we could be exposed to a diverse array of medical devices, from a needle that takes our blood, or a surgical tools used by a dentist, or a surgeon who implants devices such as pacemakers in our body.

Testing medical devices based on biocompatibility testing matrix guarantees that U.S. government standards for manufacturing such equipment is respected. The is a multi-billion dollar business. Not all such devices are made in the United States and different countries require different standards. That is why the work of companies such as Biocomptesting is so important for American patients.

Keywords: Biocompatibility Testing, biocompatibility testing California, biocompatibility testing for medical devices, biocompatibility testing laboratories, iso 10993 biocompatibility,

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