By: Orange County Hypnosis & Coaching  03/04/2016
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As accomplished hypnotherapists and coaches we create coaching programs specifically for our clients needs and wants. Each program is different to suit the needs of where they are at and where they want to be. As a master hypnotist and magician I had to learn all the ways that the mind can trick itself and actually get tricked. The assumptions that our minds make that allow magic to seem real, I hijack those assumptions for entertainment. After decades of studying those I understand how the mind gets tripped up, beyond that I know how to control the mind’s awareness and attention in order to have something magical happen. If you want me, Luke to coach you, who better than the guy that knows all the traps and all the tricks that your mind can play on you and how to turn them into your advantage. How to make those tricks and traps of the mind work for you, so that YOU can create magic in your own life. That is the type of coaching that I do with people. Would you be interested in having a conversation with me, how we can create some magic in YOUR life because that is what I do. People may call me a magician or mentalist and think it’s all the tricks I do, but the real magic that I perform, is in YOUR life. As a magician I learned all the tricks your mind plays to deceive you. As a coach, I know all the magic that your mind can accomplish.

Keywords: Coaching, Hypnosis, Neuro-linguistic Programming, Nlp, Nlp Coaching

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