Complete and Partial Dentures

By: Dr. Kenneth Cho Dentistry  03/16/2015
Keywords: Dentures, Partial Dentures, Complete Dentures

Multiple missing teeth can be an unpleasant problem to manage. Not only do they affect the essential functions of your teeth, but they also detract from the appearance of your smile. One way we can address the problem of missing teeth is by using dentures. Dentures are a popular solution for replacing missing teeth and consist of an aesthetic tooth or teeth fixed on a plastic base. Partial dentures are recommended when only a few teeth are missing. At Dr. Kenneth Cho Dentistry, we use complete dentures when all your teeth are missing. Dental implants can be relied upon to permanently hold dentures in position. We are glad you have come across our expertise because we can provide an effective partial denture that will restore your teeth’s natural functions. Complete Dentures If all of your teeth have been extracted, it may be necessary to provide full dentures. These types of dentures can be used to replace all the teeth in your smile and can be supported by the gum or dental implants. Modern complete dentures have a more comfortable and secure fit than those made years ago. They are made of durable and aesthetically pleasing materials that look natural and enhance your appearance. Dr. Cho works closely with highly trained technicians at our dental lab to create dentures that fit well and help you feel confident and happy with your appearance. Removable Partial Dentures We specialize in all forms of denture treatments, including partial dentures. A removable partial denture is used to address multiple missing teeth in your upper or lower jaw and can be supported by adjoining teeth, metal-free clasps, or dental implants. Partial dentures can be removed for efficient brushing or cleaning. Partial dentures can be designed to be removable or permanent, depending on the materials we use to secure them. Permanent dentures consist of a crown that is placed on adjacent teeth and the dentures made to fit to fill the remaining space. Both types of dentures are designed to function like your natural teeth, allowing you to chew comfortably, keep your teeth from shifting, and properly align your jaw.

Keywords: Complete Dentures, Dentures, Partial Dentures

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