By: Dr. Kenneth Cho Dentistry  02/13/2015
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Periodontal disease is a widespread problem affecting millions of people. No matter how well you manage your oral hygiene, you may still develop gum disease. At Dr. Kenneth Cho Dentistry, we provide services and treatments that are designed to help keep your mouth in a disease-free state. But we are here to do everything we can no matter what the current condition of your teeth is. If periodontal disease becomes a problem, we may need to perform a procedure called root scaling and planing. What Is Root Scaling and Planing? Plaque is a thin, sticky film that adheres to the surface of your teeth. Over time, plaque becomes tartar, which can result in periodontal diseases. When tartar begins to affect the roots of your teeth, root scaling and planing may be necessary. This practice is one of the most efficient methods in addressing the buildup of tartar. Our hygienist uses a special dental instrument called a scaler to manually remove tartar that sits below the gum line. Scaling specifically addresses areas between your teeth because these are the spaces where most tartar is generated. The tartar buildup is removed from the surface of your teeth and disposed of carefully. Your teeth’s surfaces are then smoothed over in a process known as root planing. This helps prevent periodontal diseases and reverse any signs of their occurrence. Our hygienists are extremely gentle and trained to perform this procedure efficiently and comfortably. Generally planing and scaling presents minimal irritation to your gums, but an anesthetic may be provided during the treatment if necessary. It is crucial to address gum disease as quickly as possible. If you don’t receive treatment, the tooth can become infected to the point where it becomes unrecoverable and a tooth extraction may be required. In this case, we will need to completely remove the tooth and replace it with a restoration like a dental implant or bridge. Symptoms of Periodontal Disease One of the reasons that periodontal disease is so prevalent is that its symptoms may be minor or non-existent. It is important to recognize the warning signs and symptoms of gum disease so you can take action as quickly as possible: Gums that bleed when you brush and floss Receding gums The feeling that your teeth are loose Red, puffy gums Chronic bad breath If you are experiencing any of the above symptoms, it is likely that you have periodontal disease. However, with proper prevention and diligent oral hygiene, you can significantly decrease your risk of getting periodontal disease. Early treatment will greatly improve your long-term prognosis, so please contact our La Habra dental office as soon as possible to arrange an appointment for an exam and cleaning. Together we can work toward helping you achieve the best oral health possible.

Keywords: root scaling

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