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By: Gregory E. Le DMD  11/18/2014
Keywords: Cosmetic Dental, Laser Dentistry

Cold Laser
After dental work teeth can be sore. Gum tissue may be sore from an injection and the jaw may ache from being open during the dental visit. Don’t worry. This is normal. Dr Rose has a new innovative way to help minimize the pain and soreness. Our new cold laser is a remarkable instrument that we find does wonders in dentistry.

The cold laser has the ability to ask the body to heal by creating more blood flow to the sore area thus decreasing the inflammation and pain. The light from the laser penetrates through the skin and is absorbed by the areas that need it. This promotes tissue healing and improves blood flow to these areas.

A laser is a beam of light at a certain wavelength and must not be feared. During a cold laser treatment there is no discomfort or pain.

Dr Rose has been using lasers in his practice since 1998. Dr Rose has four different types of lasers used for cold sores, TMJ pain, joint pain, periodontal therapy, etc.

More on Lasers
Dental lasers are used for different procedures. They are safe and very effective. The soft-tissue laser does not cut tissue but rather cell by cell in a controlled manner that enables faster and better tissue healing. Dr Rose and his highly trained team of hygienists use the laser as an adjunct to scaling and root planning. Learn More.

Powerful Potential
'LASER' is an acronym for "Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation". … a complicated string of words meaning a single wavelength beam of highly concentrated light energy. It is precisely that high energy that has made lasers so useful in both general medicine and dentistry. The laser's intense, narrow wavelength has specific, predictable and powerful effects when it contacts hard and soft tissues of the body. It is no wonder that the laser can be such an advanced tool in the hands of a skilled professional.

Efficient Energy
The laser beam can be precisely directed to only those tissues needing treatment. The way it works virtually eliminates bleeding and sterilizes the area at the same time. All of this translates to higher quality treatments, better outcomes, and greater comfort for the patient. Current dental applications include gum disease treatments, cosmetic gum re-contouring, root canal therapy, decay detection and elimination, incision cauterizing, removal of growths, and biopsies.

Keywords: Cosmetic Dental, Laser Dentistry

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