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By: Elemental Rolfing Structural Integration  11/03/2016
Keywords: Manual Therapy, Structural Integration, Movement Education

Rolfing® Structural Integration is a way of reversing the negative, or harmful effects that gravity often has on the body. Rolfers™ use what is known as The Ten-Series to do this. The Ten Series has a synergistic quality with its results being far more profound and lasting than just receiving isolated sessions. It is a method that systematically works on specific regions of the body. Done over the course of 10 sessions, the sequence, is essential for optimizing the body’s ability to provide support. Various manual touch techniques are used to gently stretch, lengthen and redirect the fascia into a place of greater efficiency. Along with the optimized support, the contact from the work renews spatial perceptions. This provides a more detailed, clearer 3-D mental map or awareness of the body. This is vital for affecting chronic patterns of pain or more specifically, establishing the needed functional efficiency. By focusing on patterns of health in this way, many of the Benefits of Rolfing are achieved.

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