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Self Reflection and Improvement - from Life Of Value

By: Life Of Value  02/10/2016
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In Nazi Germany there was a phrase “life unworthy of life “Lebensunwertes Leben.” This designation was used to label people who were not productive or did not seem to live worthwhile lives. While the Nazi’s are no more this concept remains. Whether in the testing of fetus’s, killing of dogs in the pound, ethical questions of killing children with anencephaly, etc. However the question of what a worthy life means is actually not quite as simple as we may think. Teenage children sit for many hours in front of TV’s and video games being unproductive. People spend hours reading books of fantasy, sci/do adventure, and reading about others lives instead of living their own. We spend most of our lives, and the best hours of the day working. Thus, it is important that we look further into this concept of living a valuable life.

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