Lucent Group Announces Planning Award Nominations for Lincolnshire Lakes Development in North Lincol

By: Lucent Group   11/19/2015
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Lucent Group, a land site assembly specialist, has been shortlisted for two prestigious Planning Awards for their Lincolnshire Lakes development in North Lincolnshire. The 2015 Planning Awards will be held on Tuesday 17 November 2015.

Isle of Man, UK - 6 November 2015 - Lucent Group, a land site assembly specialist incorporating expertise in strategic land, real estate acquisition, finance, planning, infrastructure delivery and project management, has announced that it has been nominated for two prestigious Planning Awards. Both nominations – “Award for Planning for the Environment” and “Planning Permission of the Year” – recognize outstanding achievement for Lucent’s Lincolnshire Lakes development in North Lincolnshire.

According to Lucent CEO Charles Flynn, the nominations “signify something vitally important” to the North Lincolnshire community. “When we stop to consider the number of developments occurring in the UK, this sort of recognition is significant,” said Flynn. “The nominations are further testament to the amount of care taken in planning these very special communities.”

Lucent’s plans for Lincolnshire Lakes include two new villages that will create a distinctive setting for new homes and communities. The master plan defines a series of special streets and spaces, establishing safe, accessible and desirable neighbourhoods. The villages will be defined by varying densities and character, with a sense of vibrancy and enclosing in the local centres, and a natural transition from the village to the surrounding landscape.

A range of house types is envisaged including terraces, small groups, semi-detached and detached with variations in height and massing. Reference will be made to traditional materials in the region, with modern building techniques inviting contemporary character and architecture.

The area’s landscape setting will be one of the defining features of the new development. The network of drains and ditches, and areas of existing woodland and water bodies have played a key role in shaping the layout of the master plan.

The eastern village will have a woodland character whilst the western one will have a wetland character that will be defined by open vistas west towards the River Trent.

The proposals include the creation of a significant number of new lakes helping to create an attractive setting for new homes and businesses. They will also play a key ecological role, providing new habitats for important species. An attractive network of green pedestrian and bicycle routes will make the Lakes a popular place for walking, jogging, running and cycling – a great place to keep fit, unwind or simply enjoy being outdoors.

“This is an important scheme for North Lincolnshire and we have been fortunate to work so closely with the excellent members and officers of North Lincolnshire Council and our top team of consultants to bring this development to fruition," stated Lucent’s Head of Planning, Anthony Brindley. “We are confident that it will meet the needs of local residents and of new arrivals in the area attracted by the job opportunities of the South Humber Gateway development."

The Planning Awards celebrate outstanding achievement in planning work by local authorities, consultants, developers, lawyers, voluntary and neighbourhood groups and all the other key players in the planning system. They were launched in June 2014 as a means of honouring the best work being done in the industry today. Planning magazine and Planning Resource sponsor the Awards.

The Planning Awards 2015 will take place on Tuesday 17 November 2015. For more information on the nominations, please visit the Planning Awards website at

Keywords: Land Investment, Property Investment, Real Esate Listings

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