By: Sunset Gold Exchange  11/02/2016
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The pure 24 Karat yellow gold is alloyed with exact percentages of other metals to achieve a more durable karat quality of 10K, 12K or 14K, and used for ring shanks and the base of other items. The different colors of gold used for leaves and other details are made when the pure 24 Karat yellow gold is alloyed with copper to achieve the traditional 12 karat pink (or red) gold, and the gold is combined silver to create the 12 karat green. The resulting gold bars are then readied for rolling.

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Some manufacturers again polish or tumble the assembled items, while others do not and polish using different methods. The jewelry



Finally, a careful inspection completes the process that began with pure 24 Karat gold and finished with a truly unique



Lost wax casting begins with an original metal model, often silver, of a jewelry item. A vulcanized rubber mold is



Component parts, or findings, are carefully stamped, one at a time, out of the rolled gold sheets using patterns and


24K Bars

Pure 24 Karat gold bars, and stocks of pure silver and copper are the basic materials. Pure gold and other