Living Life in Historic Highland Park

By: Tracy King Realty   07/22/2016
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The Los Angeles community of Highland Park is an in-demand community whose rich history lays the foreground for a unique experience sought after by a variety of Angelenos. Homes for sale in Highland Park have become a very hot commodity as those young homebuyers begin to discover the very special neighborhoods of Northeast Los Angeles, including Glassell Park, Mt. Washington and Eagle Rock.

But homebuyers aren’t only attracted to the artistic, character neighborhoods and homes that make Highland Park unique. It’s the rich history of this old neighborhood that accounts for the beauty and character that has turned Highland Park real estate into gold.

Many years ago the land of current day Highland Park was home to a tribe of natives who lived graciously off the generous land. Overtime, years of conquests led an assortment of foreign settlers to discovering the special land. The shady trees, lush plants and flowing streams rested peacefully on high land. This resembled the settlers’ homeland of Scotland and they quickly called the land home. The new inhabitants cherished the landscape and showed their appreciation by painting the sceneries.

The original streets in Highland Park were named after this beautiful scenery - Live Oak Ave / Emerald Street - but the names were eventually changed to numbers like Avenue 63 to delineate how many blocks that street was from city hall. A lot of the charm from classic Highland Park has remained in Los Angeles’ largest historic district, the Highland Park-Garvanza Historic Preservation Overlay Zone which consists of 50 various “Historic Cultural Monuments”. These monuments vary from the original Galco’s Soda Pop Stop to Judson Studio and even the Lummis House.

As time passed, Highland Park continued to grow. It was the first community in Los Angeles to install parking meters to appease the flustered shop owners who complained of the same vehicles that remained parked outside their business all day. The neighborhood began the gentrification process of the homes and apartment buildings. The dollar stores transformed into chic cafes and trendy shops, making Highland Park one ofLos Angeles’ most sought after enclaves.

Today, crime is down and housing prices are on the incline. The well-known real estate site, Redfin, has named Highland Park the hottest market in the country. Since then, rent has continued to rise, although Echo Park and Silver Lake still remain pricier. There are new bars and shops developing on a weekly basis on York Boulevard. All of the shop owners live in the vicinity, and if you happen to be a fellow resident of Highland Park, you will become their new, favorite regular. This has contributed to building a strong sense of community.

This cohesive community materializes itself in various activities that take place in the neighborhood. Second Saturday is Highland Park’s monthly gallery night, which currently outperforms the Downtown Art Walk in both crowds and participating venues. Highland Park is known for the astounding display of illegal Fourth of July fireworks. The predominant Latino culture has produced the best Mexican food in Los Angeles ranging from El Huarache Azteca to the special dishes at Cacao Mexicatessen. All this, plus parking is never an issue - even on a Saturday! Highland Park is a unique neighborhood with a rich a history that is sure to supply any resident or visitor with an experience of unforgettable memories.

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