Pasadena, CA Real Estate: Bungalow Heaven Neighborhood

By: Tracy King Realty   12/22/2014
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For those homebuyers seeking Pasadena homes for sale, Bungalow Heaven is considered to be one of the city's most desirable neighborhoods. While other nearby neighborhoods such as Eagle Rock, Altadena and Highland Park experience something of a snakes and ladders-effect as far as demand and home values, Pasadena, CA is a city where homes are always in demand and keep their value pretty well.

Bungalow Heaven comprises a sixteen-block neighborhood located south of Washington Boulevard, north of Orange Grove Boulevard and between Lake Avenue and Hill Avenue to the west and east. Bungalow Heaven consists of over 800 small craftsman homes that were built between 1900 and 1930. Bungalow Heaven became a landmark district in 1989 and there are now historic home tours annually.

Bungalow Heaven was developed in the early 1900’s when Pasadena was in the midst of development. People from the Midwest were running away from harsh winters and were seeking refuge in the Pasadena area. Local businesses began to sprout up and farmers began to harvest fruits and grow orange groves. The craftsman style bungalows were the most popular choice of house with their large French doors, spacious porches, and myriad windows. People who loved the outdoors were able to enjoy them from the comfort of their own home. Craftsman bungalows require several architectural features. The roofline is low pitched, there is a front porch with pillars, using "natural" building materials like stone and wood, handcrafted tiles in the interior, hardwood floors, and wood shingles on the exterior.

The closest business district to Bungalow Heaven is located just outside of Lake Avenue, making Bungalow Heaven mostly a residential area. There is a stunning park located in the middle of the neighborhood called McDonald Park. There are no direct schools in Bungalow Heaven, but resident children will attend Longfellow Elementary, Jefferson Elementary, Eliot Middle School and Pasadena High School.

The average real estate price is $702,475, which is higher than 80.7% of neighborhoods in California and 96.5% of neighborhoods in the United States. The average rental price is $1,361, which is lower than 64% of Californian neighborhoods. Approximately 53% of the residents in Bungalow Heaven are employed management, executive, and professional occupations. The second most common career with 26% of residents is occupational jobs like food service and sales jobs. Finally, both manufacturing occupations and clerical, assistant jobs consist of 11% of the population each. The current vacancy rate of is only 0.8%, which is lower than 95.4% of neighborhoods in the United States. It is extremely difficult to find housing in this sought after neighborhood.

Bungalow Heaven is a great place to live; in 2009 it was designated one of the 10 great places to live in American by the American Planning Association. Because of its historical distinction, great care and effort is placed into preserving the unique character of these craftsman bungalows.

Homebuyers and home sellers in Pasadena who are looking to buy and sell - especially in high demand areas such as Pasadena should seek out a licensed and certified real estate agent in Pasadena who possesses demonstrable success buying and selling homes in the area.

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