HCG Weight Loss Program

By: Vitality Integrative Medicine   04/11/2014
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A medically-supervised weight loss program. Consider the hCG diet for safe, rapid weight loss in excess of 15 pounds. After an initial consultation and screening for any conditions that may preclude participation in the program, the diet lasts 20-40 days, during which up to 2 pounds may be lost per day. There are weekly check-ins to monitor your progress, address any concerns and keep you on the right track. Following the active weight-loss phase, there is a maintenance phase to instill new lifestyle changes, so you don't only take the weight off, but you keep it off as well. Please call Dr. Fischer at 424-278-4325 to find out if this diet is right for you. Injections versus Drops? Many people choose to use sublingual hcg drops instead of doing injections. I do not like the drops for several reasons. First of all, the drops do not contain any hcg at all. They are homeopathic preparations, which means they are 'energetic' medicine, using the energetic blueprint of the original hcg molecule, but not working in a traditional biochemical manner. Second of all, at least one study has shown superior results with the hcg injections, which reduced muscle loss and decreased appetite more. Sparing muscle loss is critical when doing a low-calorie diet, as when you return to your regular diet, that muscle will be responsible for burning calories. If you lose a lot of muscle, you will be more likely to rebound.

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