By: SMRT HOMES LLC  05/06/2016
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OUR MISSION Choosing and buying a house is one of the biggest financial decision that people make. We want to offer people an experience in buying one of our properties that reduces stress and time thereby enhancing customer satisfaction. We buy properties using analytics on the data plus real experience, and improve them by deploying high quality design, materials and workmanship standards, thus ultimately enhancing these properties, so that we provide a good customer experience and an enhanced living environment to each and every person we touch. WHAT WE DO SMRT HOMES, LLC is a professional real estate firm that buys and sells properties throughout the bay area. We specialize in helping the distressed homeowner to resolve their issues and prevent bankruptcy. This may include buying their property quickly, all cash to help them avoid legal ramifications. We buy these properties at a discount, and renovate and resell them to retail home buyers and landlords. The entire process is underpinned with deep analytics to understand the cost of buying the property, cost of finance, cost of rehabbing and finally the expected selling price. HOW WE DO IT We market our services and reach out to prospective clients - distressed property owners, wholesalers and property agents to identify a pool of properties. We run very detailed analysis prior to selecting which one to execute. We raise capital from our network of private and public real estate investors and execute the buy deal. Our team work on these properties engaging our network of contractors and subcontractors. We finally sell these properties to new homebuyers or investors using our network of agents and our own client list.

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