California Droughts: Plan for a Long One

By: Malibu Coast Nursery and Landscape  08/13/2014
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California is no stranger to drought. Some droughts in the state’s history have lasted for decades. California is currently experiencing one again, and it may last for a long time to come. In response to the drought, several of the state’s counties are creating ordinances to reduce water consumption. For example, some counties will not allow its residents to clean off their driveways with a water hose. Rules are strict, and people are taking to Twitter to increase civic responsibility awareness (otherwise known as public shaming…hashtag: #DroughtShaming). Regardless if it’s a result of the ordinances or the shaming, people are seeking ways to conserve water while still beautifying their lawns.

There are many ways to reduce water consumption for your lawn. One way to reduce water consumption is by creating drought tolerant landscaping that doesn’t require much water. The good thing about native Californian vegetation is that it’s naturally drought-tolerant. There are other drought-resistant plants that aren’t native to California, but they may do equally well. For instance, there are numerous types of cacti and succulents that don’t need much water and provide beautiful blooms. There are several flowers, trees, and shrubs to choose from that produce lovely greens, yellows, reds, and other colors. There are many types of ground coverings to choose from instead of thirsty green grass.

However, for people who prefer to have grass, there are a few types of grass that require less water. Choosing grass and other plants that require less water not only save water – it saves money. Several California cities charge a considerable amount of money per gallon of water used. In terms of maintaining a yard, this amount quickly adds up. In addition to saving water and money, less maintenance is required with yards that have drought-tolerant plants. Drought-tolerant plants do not grow quickly, which means less pruning is required. Also, because drought-tolerant plants grow well in California, natural soil most often provides the necessary nutrients needed for growth.

A yard adorned with drought-tolerant plants stands apart from yards with traditional lawns. Drought tolerant landscaping provides a wide array of colors, shapes and blooms that create an exotic look. Using a smart irrigation system also helps to cut down on water consumption. For example, a smart irrigation system has the ability to stop watering the yard in the rare event California experiences some rain. Depending upon the amount of rainfall, a sophisticated irrigation system has the ability to stay off for a couple of days to allow the rain to do its job. Drought tolerant landscaping, paired with a smart irrigation system, is the perfect solution for Southern Californian residents.

How does one obtain a drought resistant yard with a smart, efficient irrigation system? The best bet is to contact a local landscape consultant with experience and expertise.

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Malibu Coast Nursery and Landscape is one among the professional landscape service providers in Malibu California. They work against the damage of drought, weather & pests on your landscape. They provide your landscape the exact defense that it needs against various challenging conditions. Their landscape operations include plantings, lawn service, yard clean up, drought & pest resistant. Please feel free to contact them at (818) 865-8887.

Keywords: Drought Tolerant Landscaping, malibu coast nursery, malibu landscape consultant

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