New Life. New You. New Motivations. New Perspectives. With Visionary Oriah Mirza

New Life. New You. New Motivations. New Perspectives. With Visionary Oriah Mirza from Visionary LifeStyle  & Business Consultant

By: Visionary LifeStyle & Business Consultant  09/29/2014
Keywords: Counseling And Therapy, Family Therapy, Grief Counseling

Do you want to have better outcomes in your relationships, parenting, self image, business and creativity? Do you want to help others, share your talents and wisdom with others? Do you want to make a difference on this planet? Learn the art of communication through ‘speaking to the listener’ for more effective outcomes, find ways to nourish yourself and others, learn the art of non resistance through peace, learn how to give your talents and love to others without shame or fear. Find out how to take life in, how to bridge gaps between generations, learn how to find peace no matter what you are doing now. Find confidence in everything you do, by connecting to how you really feel about yourself and others and re-configuring your frameworks. This is beyond techniques, this system of communication goes to the deepest part of your being…it goes to your impulses, your inclination, your intuition and your own wisdom. Activating and enlightening the information within you, clearing ideas and old frameworks to give you more breathing room. More breathing room means more freedom to create. Unlocking your creativity, and your joy for life…again.

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