California Company Pioneering Spa Products

By: Spa Intimates  03/31/2015
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When John Flannery founded the Systems Group, Inc., in California in 1987, he perhaps did not recognize the role his company would play in an industry already worth billions of dollars, and likely to grow even more.

The company’s website ( explains how its team “pioneered the use of the most advanced non-woven technology in custom designed and patented products ... From the soft and comfortable spun-lace products made from rayon fibers entangled with water, we produce a variety of products that offer ultra-purity and safety in any skin contact situation.”

It is that level of comfort and care that has driven millions of Americans to more than 35,000 spa establishments spread out throughout the country and now counts for revenues of about $14 billion. What has also been detrimental to the success of the spa establishment in the United States, and indeed in other countries, is the fact that it has both diversified and specialized.

Some countries, such as the United States, France, Germany, and Thailand, have become leaders in tourism and “global wellness” while others have combined tourism with medical services.

In the United States, the spa industry has also specialized, now providing tailored services for anything from romantic days off to therapeutic and thermal treatments.

No matter what “themes” a spa might be offering, the establishment owners have to provide certain services and equipment to make sure clients have an enjoyable experience and come back. If all you require is a massage, there is need for disposable cradle cover. If you are male, you would likely want to use one of the many variations of black disposable men’s briefs available for other spa services. If you are female, your options are more diverse, from black backless disposable bra and black bandeau disposable bra to black bikini disposable panty, or black disposable ladies’ brief.

Keywords: black backless disposable bra, black bandeau disposable bra, black disposable mens brief, disposable cradle cover,

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