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Appointment reminder calls, text reminders, and email from, Reminder Services, Inc.

By:, Reminder Services, Inc.  04/17/2015
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Send appointment reminder calls, text reminders, and email reminders from your own software! Works with EHRs, EMRs, scheduling software and spreadsheets. Custom integrations available. HIPAA compliant. Encrypted. Select Voice and Language Automated Calls are fully customized to meet your needs. Whether you need to send appointment reminders, collection calls, event invitations, alerts or general information, you can choose to use an automated voice, your own voice, or a combination of the two. The synthesized voice comes in English, French, Spanish, male and female options. Keep Your Caller ID There is no need to “share” a general caller ID at You can select to have your own caller ID appear with your automated reminder calls. Improve your response rate by letting your recipients know who is on the line. Call Playback Reminder Services, Inc. records all outgoing calls and logs all outgoing text messages for quality control. Although other companies charge extra for this service, we feel that this is an important aspect of quality control and therefore it is included for you. You have real-time access to all of your calls and text messages. Simply log in to your account and you can play back any call. Toll-Free Message Recording Line offers a dedicated toll-free number to create unique messages, in your own voice, such as past-due account notices and emergency closure notifications. If you’d like to use text-to-speech as well, you can still customize your message with an introduction and a lead-out in your own voice. Built-In Opt-Out/Do-Not-Contact List makes it easier than ever to comply with rules and regulations. An internal Opt-Out/Do-Not-Call List keeps track of anyone who does not wish to be contacted. Alternatively, a dedicated 800 number allows users to opt out. Flexible and Easy Automated Text (SMS) Messages makes it easier than ever to send automated text messages. Customize your strategy by creating different text messages for appointment reminders, collections, invitations, alerts, polls, etc. Continue to use the scheduling software that you love, or upload a spreadsheet. Schedule one-time or repeat text messages and our software will run in the background. Real SMS with Delivery Status Many reminder companies actually send an email reminder that is then converted to an SMS. For this to happen, they need to know all of your recipients’ carriers. sends real SMS messages. The benefits aren’t just that you don’t need to know the recipient’s carrier, but that you do receive a delivery status. 2-Way Text Messaging Are you gathering information? 2-way text messaging makes it even easier for your audience to respond instantly. Set up an email address to receive responses and you are ready for 2-way communication. Failovers If you accidentally try to send a text-message appointment reminder to a land line, our system will automatically send a voice appointment reminder instead. This ensures your appointment reminders are always sent.

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