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Keywords: Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Reflexology

SWEDISH MASSAGE Revitalize the soul and soothe the senses with this gentle, rhythmic massage. Enjoy blissful relaxation with light touch techniques to help ease muscle tension, increase circulation, and facilitate detoxification. Swedish massage induces your overall well-being. 50 Mins $89.00 80 Mins $115.00 DEEP TISSUE MASSAGE Known for its ability to release an enormous amount of tension, the deep tissue massage consists of slower, stronger massage that stimulates deep into muscles. Experience the massage that will stimulate, condition, and heal. 50 Mins $110.00 80 Mins $145.00 SPORTS MASSAGE Used to stimulate the muscles for peak performance, Sports Massage will benefit the athlete in everyone by draining away fatigue as it relieves swelling, reduces muscle tension, promotes flexibility and prevents injury. 50 Mins $110.00 80 Mins $135.00 HOT STONE MASSAGE Engage your spirit and indulge your senses with the ancient tradition of Hot Basalt Stone Massage. These special stones are used along with deep tissue techniques to release overall muscle tension. Known for their healing energies, the basalt stones will induce deep relaxation while melting away your stress. 50 Mins $115.00 80 Mins $150.00 AROMATHERAPY MASSAGE Aromatic essential oil blends are applied to relax, re-hydrate and soothe the body within a Swedish massage, significantly enhancing your experience and benefits. 50 Mins $95.00 80 Mins $125.00 PREGNANCY MASSAGE Nurture yourself and your baby in this full body massage. Our trained and knowledgeable therapists use a variety of techniques combined to pamper and praise your changing body. Learn to relax as you prepare for your baby’s birth. 50 Mins $110.00 80 Mins $135.00 REFLEXOLOGY Reflexology is a therapy based on the ancient Chinese philosophy that the feet are a road map of the body. Since specific areas of the feet correspond to specific organs and systems in the body, the therapist applies acupressure and massage to these areas to create balance and free energy flow. 50 Mins $110.00 80 Mins $135.00

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