Mobile Engagement & Marketing for Brands – Thinking Beyond Apps

Mobile Engagement & Marketing for Brands – Thinking Beyond Apps from Qliktag Software, Inc.

By: Qliktag Software, Inc.  03/26/2015
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The mobile advertising industry has been on an upward path in recent times. More companies are allocating significant marketing budgets trying to connect with mobile users and there is a sense of urgency to move quick. Similarly, with mobile brand engagement, there is also trend to try and innovate and grab the attention of the mobile consumers and more often than not, when it comes to engagement, brands and organizations are relying on mobile apps. Marketers are tasked with designing apps for iPhone and Android that stand apart from all the other apps in the market place which in itself is increasingly crowded. But what many don’t realize is that they actually need a holistic mobile strategy beyond a one-off killer app that will get them that mobile consumer connect they are looking for. With so much buzz about branded mobile apps, marketers often have to come to terms with the failed deliverance of some apps and can never figure out what went wrong. In reality, over 33% of consumers download an app, but never open it again. If a consumer does not open the app within the first week of its download, then 60 per cent chances are that they will never. That aside, most of us already have a plethora of apps installed on our mobile devices, are we really going to download every app that we come across? If the mobile marketing professional has to think beyond the norms, then thinking beyond certain realms can help make that connect with mobile equipped consumers. It raises the question, what else to mobile users do other than installing and using branded apps? Well, they browse the web, listen to music, watch video content, carry out research and searches, do comparisons, make purchases and more. In fact, the interaction with a brand or product happens for a shorter duration. Usually when the consumer is right in front of the product. However an app stays on your phone a lot longer. Companies like Kontor, one of the world’s largest dance music labels, promoted the new Boris Dlugosch in a very unique way by scanning a small QR code with their mobile and let their consumers listen to the new track. Similarly Adidas, created an interactive window display interface which connected to a mobile experience. Customers could shop through their mobile phones even without having to download the app. At Qliktag we’ve seen good response from companies like Stadium Nissan who have deployed an innovative way of enabling customers to interact and pull up CARFAX details on used cars making the buying experience more engaging. Major beverages brands have been able to launch on the spot contests using the product labels combined with a Qliktag page which allows the user to participate without the need to download an app. This makes the experience more instant without the need to commit more space on your device to download a fresh app for every product or brand you wish to interact with and uses browser readable pages instead. As the app space gets more crowded and the consumer becomes more averse to installing too many apps, mobile marketing professionals are going to pushed into thinking beyond the mobile app to make a brand connect with customers. A strong customer understanding and how they use their mobile devices will be key to creating a rewarding customer experience.

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