California Handymen Now offers Earth Quake Emergency Response of Repair Services

California Handymen Now offers Earth Quake Emergency Response of Repair Services from California Handymen

By: California Handymen  05/28/2014
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North Hollywood, CA – Locally owned California Handymen announced today that it will be offering complete emergency repairs effective May 1, 2014. Company officials are qualifying construction sub contractors throughout Southern California to prepare an emergency response team for a much anticipated earth quake following the recent earth quakes that rocked Los Angeles. Sub contractors qualified includes plumbers, electricians, framers, drywall, stucco, and painting contractors. The benefits of having a well organized team during a crisis is obvious as no other network exists between contractors to coordinate a fast and coordinated response to restore water, electricity and building structures in a timely manner during an earth quake. California Handymen is also networking with property owners before the earth quake to minimize the aftermath of earth quake damages. By mapping out their customers’ properties and installing safety measures, property damages will be minimized and the repair costs decreased to the properties. Aside from structural damage, fire damage and water damage are the two notorious destructive elements to a property during an earth quake with fire being at the top of the list. California Handymen is offering a free earth quake assessment with the installation of earth quake gas shut off valve. Installing an earth quake gas shut off valve is the smart thing to do because during an earth quake, the rocking motion automatically shuts off the gas so the gas does not enter the property and thus the property will not be exposed to hazardous gas. After the property assessment, the property owner or management team will be briefed on other safety measures to follow during and after an earth quake to minimize property damage and protect lives. California Handymen officials expect this expanded service to their already popular Remodeling Services to improve Southern California property owners’ confidence and widen its customer base. In addition, California Handymen Contractors will now stock earth quake shut off valves, drywall, stucco, electrical wiring, water and gas piping as it may be difficult to purchase these items during an earth quake at local hardware stores. About California Handymen California Handymen, License # 885624, opened its first construction home remodeling and tenant improvement services in Studio City in 1982 and is owned by George Saado. It has enjoyed 22 years as an independent company and is a California licensed, insured, and bonded general ‘b’ contractor license # 885624 in California with many qualified subcontractors bidding on daily projects in California. California Handymen will uphold its promise to stimulate the local economy. Known for its Remodeling and Tenant Improvement, the company also intends to maintain its commitment to environmentally friendly business practices. For more information, please visit Contact To learn more about California Handymen, please contact George Saado, Media Relations 5616 ½ Troost Avenue, North Hollywood, CA 91601 Office: (818) 915-4731 Fax: (818) 885-8014 [email protected]

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