5 Ways Digital Signage Leads in Communication

5 Ways Digital Signage Leads in Communication from UCView

By: UCView  03/25/2015
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Motion sensors, facial recognition, audience analytics are just a few possibilities digital signage may offer your business. People who have adopted digital signage as their main means of communication have discovered, or are in the process of discovering, its unique manner of attracting, engaging, and connecting with their target population. However, despite its many advantages and evidence that shows digital signage as being one of the most engaging forms of communication; there many corporations that are still apprehensive about adopting digital signage. These corporations often rely on print advertisement. But unlike digital signage, there is no way of knowing if your print ad is actually effective in targeting your audience. In addition it’s extremely costly to design and print static ads. 1) The cost of owning and maintaining a digital signage network is actually a lot lower than many companies think. Companies today are deciding to use digital signage more than ever. Due its emergence, scalability, and long-term use, digital signage is now considered to be one of the most cost-effective forms of communication. In addition, digital signage is extremely easy to install, much like your PC at home. 2) Perhaps a company feels like they do not have the resources available to setup a digital signage display. They may not have an IT department available to run the content they need; however, having an IT team is not necessary to run digital signage. The majority of signage is now cloud-based and free support and updates are included. This removes the necessity of running a server in-house to manage the network. Digital signage is not just a device used within large corporations, it can even found all over small mom-and-pop shops. What makes it even better is that the digital signage software is so simple to navigate through, customize, and publish ads. 3) The majority of the signage products available now include embedded Wi-Fi. This removes the need for complicated wiring and offers hassle-free setup. 4) Social media is a powerful tool which allows for companies to communicate on a much higher level. Almost every company today has a Twitter or Facebook page. You can advertise your social media sites on print, but where is that going to take you. With digital signage you can actually integrate social media feeds right onto the screen. Customers can even use their mobile devices to interact with your company’s social media site (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) and view their messages in real-time. 5) Digital signage is flexible and can be used across a wide range of applications, not just for large scale corporations. Its small form-factor solution allows for it to be deployed in all sorts of environments, including small start-up companies. Due its added capabilities, such as touch screen technology, there are multiple possibilities that digital signage offers for both small and large businesses.

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