By: Agoura Hills Smiles  09/29/2014
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Invisalign Clear Braces for Teens and Adults Let’s face it: traditional metal braces only look cute on kids and tweens. Once you’ve reached an age where the appearance of your smile can have a significant impact on how you are perceived in the social, romantic, and professional world, those metal braces can be a serious detriment. Luckily, your Calabasas dentist is a certified provider of Invisalign clear adult orthodontics. How Does Invisalign Work? Unlike traditional fixed braces, Invisalign therapy consists of a series of lightweight, clear plastic trays that fit securely over your teeth and gradually move them into proper alignment and spacing. Patients should plan on wearing their aligners for at least 22 hours every day. However, you can remove them at mealtimes and for brushing and flossing. Depending on your treatment plan, you will change to a new aligner approximately every two weeks (although, to underscore the seriousness of following your treatment plan, if you forget to wear your aligners one day, you may have to begin that two-week period all over again). Each new aligner has subtle differences from the last one and is designed specifically for you. The Top Benefits of Invisalign Clear Braces While the most obvious benefit of Invisalign is their exceptionally discreet look, this clear aligner system also boasts a number of other advantages, including: Reduced treatment time. Traditional orthodontics require an average 24 month treatment time. Invisalign treatment times average 12 months. That’s an incredible time savings! Lightweight, custom-fitted aligner trays do not damage your gums or the tissues of the inner cheeks like metal braces. Invisalign helps patients avoid the pain and discomfort associated with metal braces that need to be tightened frequently, resulting in soreness. Fewer return visits to the office mean you don’t have to take as much time out of your busy schedule. One of the biggest complaints about traditional fixed orthodontics is the difficulty many patients have brushing and flossing with them. In fact, many braces wearers end up suffering from a heightened risk for gingivitis and tooth decay. Since you can remove your aligners to perform your dental hygiene routine, Invisalign wearers experience better oral health during treatment. Invisalign could change the way you think about orthodontics. However, they may not be the right solution for patients with severe orthodontic problems. Talk to Dr. K about Invisalign and he’ll perform a thorough examination to determine the best solution for you.

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