By: Ross Acupuncture  04/29/2015
Keywords: Acupuncture, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Holistic Medicine

Every acupuncturist has a style of their own, and Jennifer’s is grounded in Dr.Tan’s Balance Method - an approach she has found works best for pain relief. Beyond pain relief, Jennifer draws on her extensive east-west training to diagnose and treat the underlying causes of tension, pain, postural asymmetries, the residues of internal disease, and other precursors of injury. Acupuncture is suitable for many types of pain due to its strong balancing effect on the musculoskeletal and meridian systems. A series of treatments is recommended to experience the full benefits.

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Manual therapies have been used for centuries - not just for relaxation - but for promoting recovery from injury and

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Chinese Herbs

Jennifer prescribes classical herbal formulas along the style of the Tian-Zeng-Versluys lineage. Based on the effect their taste and temperature