By: Aerohoff Inspection Services, Inc  06/21/2014
Keywords: Metal, Corrosion, Adhesive

Aerohoff personnel have been working with the MAUS system longer than any third party NDT group in the world. We have recently been working with our new resonance mobile C-Scan inspection, finding un-bonds in laminate-to-laminate, laminate-to-core, and metal-to-metal bond-lines. Aerohoff has been accurate in determining lack of adhesive thickness, where a verifilm confirmed the thickness. Aerohoff also offers mobile eddy current crack and corrosion detection, where an actual image of the sub-structure can be seen. This means we can scan and see internal corrosion between two skins, or a skin and a structural frame/beam. Our low frequency eddy current inspection is used in lieu of radiography, where radiation safety is a concern. Also, we can usually see smaller flaws using eddy current than with radiography. Again, this system is completely mobile and the best system for large area scanning, surface or sub-surface. Aerohoff can be reached at: PO Box 5801 Oceanside, CA 92052 760-806-2782 [email protected]

Keywords: Adhesive, C Scan, Composite, Composites, Corrosion, Crack, Eddy Current, Metal, mobile automated scanner, nodestructive testing, Nondestructive Evaluation, PT, Shearography, Thermography, Ultrasonic,

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