Ultrameter II - 6PII

Ultrameter II - 6PII from MyronLMeters.com

By: MyronLMeters.com  08/17/2014
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he Ultrameter 6P can be used for water quality analysis in many situations. Need a water conductivity meter and TDS tester? Looking for a pH ORP tester? Count on the accuracy of this water quality instrument! The Myron L Ultrameter II has got you covered. The pH and ORP sensor is very durable and can withstand many applications – quality of irrigation water, hydroponics water, laboratories, reverse osmosis water quality, deionization, wastewater testing, cooling tower water treatment, environmental, desalination, and fountain solutions. Whether testing aggressive chemicals or pure water, this instrument will hold calibration and continue to support your daily testing needs. The Ultrameter II 6P is calibrated with NIST standards before being shipped to you, so you can use it immediately upon delivery.

Keywords: Myron L Meters, ultrameter 6p

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Specifications Measurement Range: 1 - 9999 µS or ppm (0.0010 - 9.999 ppt salinity) Accuracy (After Wet Calibration): ± 1% of reading Repeatability: < 1000 µS or ppm ± 1 Count = 1000 µS or ppm ± 0.3% of reading Resolution: Conductivity and TDS: 0.1 for 1.0 - 99.9 µS or ppm / 1 for 100 - 9999 µS or ppm Salinity: 0.0001 for 0.0010 - 0.0999 ppt / 0.001 for 0.100 - 9.999 ppt Temperature: 0.1 ºC or ºF Time to Reading Stabilization: 10 - 20 seconds Active Mode Power Consumption: 30 - 100 mA S